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How Our Bed Bed Treatment, Control & Removal Process Works

Here is the simple, safe and effective process that the bed bug exterminators use to kill and remove bed bugs from your home:

  • A pro bed bug exterminator performs an extensive inspection of your home, including beds, furniture and linens.
  • They remove visible bed bugs and treats the area to eliminate any hidden bed bugs and their eggs.
  • They back the work with a 90 day Bed Bug Warranty.

Bed Bug Exterminator Reviews

"Definitely 5 stars! I was looking for an exterminator to get rid of spiders and little gnats in my house. He came out the day after I requested a quote. He was very personable and very honest; he inspected the problem areas in my house first, then educated me about the problems and went over the different options I had. I will definitely be calling him back next time I need pest control services!"
Five Star Review
- Lainey L.​

"I was overwhelmed by the consideration he demonstrated- he is truly a man that cares about the trauma an infestation can cause. He gave me advice as to stop trying to think how the bedbugs got there-and take comfort in his guaranteed elimination of them. He does not try and sell 'flashy' treatments that merely cost a fortune and have little to do with extermination. I had signed with another company and when the technicians were rude and insensitive I quickly- despite the fact that I was desperate- called then. Their services were half the price!"
Five Star Review
- Linda D.​

"I went online looking for an exterminator, your ad came up right away. I filled out the questionnaire, submitted it, and I was called back immediately. That was a really big surprise! He explained everything to me, we set up an appt., the tech was here on time and did an excellent job! A big thank you!"
Five Star Review
- Cheryl A.

"He not only treated the problem timely and thoroughly, he also showed concern and care about my situation. Just like a doctor needs to be competent both in medical practice and in bedside manner, so too is his competence in pest extermination and in client care."
Five Star Review
- Michael r.

"We were quoted almost three times as much from Orkin for bedbug extermination. So glad we decided to get a second opinion. Thank you for giving us our peace of mind back and not overcharging your customers."
Five Star Review
- Suzanne B.

"He explain the full process of the extermination. He went over quotes with me great options and more! I would definitely recommend to family, friends, or anyone who wants to get a good extermination for a great price."
Five Star Review
- Uniesha N.

"Knowledgeable and courteous. Explained everything really well to help me understand how bed bugs spread, where, and how the process of extermination works. Helped make the process of getting rid of bed bugs less stressful by explaining everything and being able to start the extermination process right away."
Five Star Review
- Niki T.

"When I posted my needs, I was initially messaged by four different exterminators right away. He stood out by sending me a follow-up message one week later with a free quote and curiosity about my infestation. I called him, and he quickly gave me a free quote tailored to my situation. He was able to answer my multitude of questions and put my infestation fears and anxiety to rest. He was easy to reach by phone throughout the process. He provided detailed instructions for me to follow before and after treatment to ensure that it was fully effective. And the 90 day guarantee ensured that if the included first and follow-up treatment didn't work for ANY reason, he would make additional visits until the bed bugs were gone. This guy moved quickly, knows what he is doing, does not cut corners, and is confident in the quality of his work - as he should be. It has been 26 days since I first spoke with Brent on the phone, and I have not seen or been bitten by a bed bug in weeks. Looks like I'm in the clear. Thanks!"
Five Star Review
- Doug K.

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